Radbahn Berlin U1 Press image Oberbaumbrücke


11/2015 ·

Radbahn is a 8.9km long bike lane concept that connects Zoologischer Garten to Friedrichshain in […]




08/2014 ·

lifelife is a completely new way to manage tenant turnover and the property. We help […]

1st living room. Painting "Rainer von und zu Zufall" (2012) by Janne Räisänen

A Spacious Apartment in Prenzlauer Berg

05/2014 ·

This project started with a scouting of several apartments to our client. After shortlisting and […]




05/2013 ·

Eqviti visualizes the public auction listings of real estate in Germany. We wanted to bring […]


A residence in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Private residence in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

11/2012 ·

Together with the interior architect Mayu Takasugi, Mela & Vanamo designed the interior of a […]

The Finnish Institute

The Finnish Institute

10/2012 ·

The Finnish Institute (“Das Finnland-Institut” in German) is a forum of Finnish culture, science and […]

Toimittajan rikoslaki.

Toimittajan rikoslaki website

05/2012 ·

Toimittajan rikoslaki (Journalist’s Criminal Law) website is a legal index and infosite for journalists. The […]

kaikuuu02 is a headboard, an alarm clock and a light.

kaikuuu02: a headboard, a lamp and an alarm clock

05/2012 ·

Designed by me and the product designer Tuula Vitie, the idea behind the kaikuuu02 is […]


Yasko Properties.

Yasko Properties GmbH website

10/2011 ·

Yasko Properties GmbH is a real estate development company operating in Germany. We (Mela & […]

Mela & Vanamo concept design studio

Mela & Vanamo

06/2011 ·

A concept design studio located in Berlin and Helsinki. I started Mela & Vanamo in […]

Apartment in Berlin

Interior design of an apartment in Berlin

05/2011 ·

The 53sqm apartment is located in the creative area of Neukölln district. The house was […]

kaikuuu01 - a table and a wireless loudspeaker

kaikuuu01 table

04/2011 ·

kaikuuu furniture series. kaikuuu01 is a table, loudspeaker and a radio. Create your individual atmosphere […]

Movements in Possible Histories

Movements in Possible Histories or a Composition for 24 Windows

01/2011 ·

transmediale.11 satellite exhibition, Berlin 27.1 – 27.2.2011 “Movements in Possible Histories or a Composition for […]


Finland's Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010. Photo by Lucas Schifres / Pictobank.

“Nimetön – Untitled”

05/2010 ·

Sound installation “Nimetön – Untitled” at Kirnu – Finland’s Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010 Sound […]

Cool Café at Finland's Pavilion "Kirnu", Shanghai World Expo 2010. Photo by Lucas Schifres / Pictobank / Muotohiomo.com

DJ House Generator

05/2010 ·

DJ House generator was playing music for half a year in the café of Finland’s […]

Resonator Helsinki

Resonator Helsinki

04/2010 ·

Founder and member; Resonator Helsinki was a collective based in Helsinki, Finland. Resonator Helsinki specialized […]


Listen to the World 2009 Kokokaka Venue. Photo by Barrie James Sutcliffe.

Automatic DJ

10/2009 ·

Generative deep house, performed for example in Gothenburg at Listen to the World festival 2.10.2009. […]

Argos Young Designers 2009 exhibition in Stockmann department store, Helsinki.

Sprouts – Argos Young Designers 2009

06/2009 ·

I created two soundscapes (with Super Collider), parts of the animations and interactivity for the […]

Martti Mela performing with his installation "Rain Dance".

Rain Dance in Muu Galleria

05/2009 ·

Muu Galleria May 4th 2009. Interactive sound installation. Dancing in front of the totem caused […]

Experimental Controls for Music and Visuals.

Two Wiimotes for a simultaneous VJ+DJ performance

01/2009 ·

I programmed two Nintendo Wiimotes to control both real-time visuals and the DJ effects. For […]


Traktor DJ Studio Controls with Theremin.

Theremin-based Traktor 3 DJ Studio effects

11/2008 ·

I made a very visual way to control effects of Native Instrument’s Traktor 3 DJ […]