Movements in Possible Histories or a Composition for 24 Windows

transmediale.11 satellite exhibition, Berlin 27.1 – 27.2.2011

“Movements in Possible Histories or a Composition for 24 Windows” is a sound installation that was first exhibited as a transmediale.11 satellite exhibition in Berlin 27.1 – 27.2.2011 in NK Projekt gallery.

This video is a documentation of the installation. For each visitor the space gave a musical instrument whose sound/music was following the visitor exactly above him/her as a sonic identity. The music developed and changed based on several criteria.

Instead of using regular loudspeakers, one Feonic F4 audio drive was placed above each of the 24 suspended plywood boards in the exhibition space. This way the plywood boards were the loudspeakers.

The motion tracking was done with two Kinect cameras and the coordinate data was further processed in Max4Live and Ableton Live. Finally the music was panned to the wooden boards nearest to the visitor.


Martti Mela (concept, production, interaction design, sound diffusion, realization)
Libero Mureddu (musical concept, composition, music production, interaction design)
Otto Korkalo (motion tracking)

Produced by Resonator Helsinki

Angel Molinos Bosque (Bass clarinet)
Libero Mureddu (Piano)
Sami Tammilehto (Percussion)
Lukas Stasevskij (Cello)

Video documentation
Max Ray (director, shooting, concept)
Satu Suomela (concept)
Andreas Saag (post-production)

Music realized at Centre for Music & Technology, Sibelius Academy

Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, Centre for Music & Technology, Sibelius Academy
Antti Ikonen, Media Lab of Aalto University School of Art and Design
Alfred Kordelin Foundation
AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture
Sibelius Academy
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland